The Colorado Association of Road Supervisors and Engineers (CARSE) is an organization dedicated to serving the needs of county road maintenance agencies within the State of Colorado. The organization was formed in 1980 with the intent of providing training and resources for county highway managers, engineers, foremen and equipment operators as well as technical expertise to the Commissioner members of Colorado Counties, Inc. (CCI). Membership is open to any individual who is regularly employed by one of the 63 Colorado counties on a full time basis.

In addition, CARSE provides for sustaining memberships for those not employed by counties but who have a sincere interest in the affairs of the Association. Sustaining members can participate in all activities of the organization, but may not vote or hold office. Membership includes access to the CARSE Newsletter, Website (Members Only Section), Mailing List and Notice of all CARSE meetings and activities.

CARSE holds an annual conference in December in conjunction with CCI. The normal schedule includes a winter conference with the annual meeting taking place at the winter conference and regional workshops during the summer months. The conference programs generally include technical sessions, managerial/leadership workshops and guest speakers. In addition to the conferences, the CARSE Board of Directors meets a minimum of twice a year to address the interim business needs of the organization.

CARSE is an affiliate of the National Association of County Engineers (NACE). NACE is the only national organization dedicated to advancing the engineering, management and professional standards of county public works officials and staff. CARSE membership qualifies individuals for NACE membership at a reduced fee. One need not be an engineer to join NACE.

We welcome anyone engaged in county highway work to join us in participating in both CARSE and NACE.